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Hey There, IFBB PRO Shawn Hektor Lewis here & welcome to my Show Day Glam booking page. 

Ladies Its no secret but nailing down your hair & makeup glam is crucial to looking your best on stage. And more importantly for exuding the confidence you need to rock on stage. 

To accomplish this goal, you need to book a hair & makeup PRO that understands the nuances of "Stage Hair & Makeup." 

As many of you know there is a big difference between everyday hair & makeup. And what looks amazing on stage. I know the difference and can help you achieve that winning look. 

Personally, I have provided show day glam services to countless of competitors competing in local shows all the way up to the top national PRO shows. 

And here's the thing, my clients if they are actively competing always return! 

So with that in mind if you would like your show day glam to help you shine, glitter and star, then I invite you to book me for your next show today.... 

To get started fill out the booking form to your right, select your show & the services from the drop-down box. And place your deposit*. Thats it! 

Upon registering you'll receive an email confirmation confirming your spot. 

Finally, If you don't see your show listed please check back, I am always updating the shows I am working. :) 

Thank you for considering me for your show day glam! 
Shawn Hektor-Lewis

Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable to other shows. Thank You!

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A Few Quick Secrets For Beautiful Skin, Eyes & Hair:
Secret #1: Skin 
Prep & Priming
Regardless of whether or not you have dry or oily skin, adding a mist of rose water can actually absorb with the moisturizer into your skin and add a natural glow, rather than just sit on the surface. This would definitely boost the look of your makeup when you apply it.
Secret #2: Creative Tips For Cat Eyes
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Secret #3: Tricks for Better Bouncing Hair
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! The Brady girls had it all wrong! Never and I mean NEVER brush your hair when it’s wet! Wait until your hair is dry or almost dry if you need to brush through it, and always begin at the ends and work your way up! Opt for a large toothed comb to protect your hair from breaking.
"...My Makeup Breakthrough of the Year"
 I have always applied my show day makeup but had a difficult time getting my eye makeup to look just right.So upon a friends insistence I hired Shawn & I am glad I did. I was impressed! Not only did she make my eyes look amazing she made everything else look fanatastic! Shawn is my makeup breakthrough of the year-she rocks! 
Narangarav Barnett
NPC Bikini Athlete
"...Shawn Makes Me Feel Unstoppable, & Beautiful"
Shawn has the glamorous touch when it comes to show day glam. I've hired her several times to apply my glam and she never ever  disappoints. She loves her work, and it shines through in each brush stroke and makeup application. Shawn makes me feel unstoppable, confident & beautiful each time I step on stage!
Heather Colon
NPC Figure Athlete
"...Shawn is My Show Day Secret Weapon"
I've been working with Shawn for a little over five years, and all I have to say is wow. She is professional, detail focused and delivers on her promise every time. I have attended her events, hired her to design my suits and quickly jump in her long line to have her do my show day glam. Without a doubt, Shawn is my Show Day Secret Weapon! 
Nadirah Baldwin
NPC Bikini Athlete
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